Possession: Jaime/Sansa, Possession, Seduction. Casterly Rock, Surrender

Mar. 14th, 2013 | 10:02 pm

They tumbled together until his weight bore down on her small frame. He had caught her before she could get very far but he had to hand it to her that for a Lady, she ran with great skill. Her red hair fanned all around, blue eyes large and round and so like her mother stared up at him. He managed a laugh and said as he caught his breath,
“I told you that I would catch you.”
“I will not go with you,” she fought against him and for a moment she almost got loose but he grabbed at her arm, trying not to bruise the pale flesh of her arm. She squirmed against him, his body betrayed him with the swelling in his breeches. Gods, he hoped she hadn’t understood what that meant and that she was still a maiden enough for her to ignore it. He shook his head and looked up at the horizon.
“Sansa, where will you go? We are surrounded by the sea.” She tried to jerk away then looked up and all around, he could see how easily she realized where she was now. It had been Cersei’s idea to give her a sleeping potion and set her aboard the boat to Casterly Rock. Tywin didn’t care how they got her there, only that Sansa would be best kept far from King’s Landing and anyone set on helping her to escape to the North. It seemed a spider had whispered loud enough of a plan to kidnap Sansa after Joffrey’s wedding to Margaery that Tywin had chosen this action. No one had not expected Sansa to attempt an escape the moment she awoke in a new place and surrounded by people she did not know.
“Please, ser, I promise not to run away.” Her voice was small and the way she looked up into his face with just enough sweet innocence that he felt something tug at him.
“Well, you can’t run very far before you have to swim.” Sansa’s dress had ripped somewhere along the way, he could make out the roundness of her small breasts and the pointed peaks. His grip loosened on her once more but instead of releasing her, he took hold of her shoulder with his good hand and placed a hard kiss on her lips. He expected her to fight him or slap him but never had he expected to feel her hands in his hair. Her moans against his lips as she tasted his tongue cautiously then moved her body against his own. Seven hells, where had she learned to do these things? Sansa Stark was a siren.

In his solar, they had torn at their clothes until they were strewn on the floor around them and he had pulled her onto him. Her body was soft against his firmness, she rocked against him with an educated movement. Jaime was surprised and wondered what all the Septa’s were teaching these days. He managed a laugh when her small hand encircled him and began to stroke. He pulled her against his chest and nipped at her throat,
“Who taught you these things? You don’t move like a girl that has just flowered.” Jaime wasn’t entirely sure of her age and only knew that she was young in comparison to himself. He didn’t like to think that he could quite possibly be her father. Then again, he could be a sort of father to her…who was he kidding? Maybe he could be a protective older brother since her own were dead and gone.
“I flowered long ago, ser. And you can thank my dear brother for my education.” The boy King was starting to impress him, this was turning into a day of surprises for Jaime. He only hoped that he had not stolen the most important thing, else he would have to cut him down once more in the next life. Jaime moved his good hand between her thighs and knew she was dripping for him,
“Don’t worry, you’ll be the first there, ser,” her blue eyes were filled with mischief now and Jaime roared with laughter when he gathered her in his arms and flipped her onto her back. He wanted not only to claim her there, he would make her his and his alone. If they were to live here until the end of time, Jaime would make sure that their every waking moment was like this.

The Maester was horrible at hiding the grin when Jaime asked for the Moon Tea for Lady Sansa. He knew that Varys’ spiders would take this gem of information and somehow it would land on Cersei’s ears. Well, he was well aware of the many that she had taken into her bed. Jaime looked down at the concoction on his way to Sansa’s chambers. Gods, what he must look like walking around half drunk on her and dressed in yesterday’s garb. He didn’t dare show anyone the marks his little wolf had made on his body just as he refused to let her handmaid’s in to dress her. She was his and he was hers. He smirked and tossed the Moon Tea over the side of the balcony outside her chamber. The others take anyone who said anything against this pairing. 

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Mistaken Identity: Robb/Sansa, misunderstanding, leave, whore, purple, river

Mar. 13th, 2013 | 03:57 pm

Winter had set in and the nights were darker now. Everyone was battle worn. Lives had been lost and friends were scattered and few. The fighting never seemed to cease, whispers of dragons had turned to shouts. Wildlings were now so far South and some feared that this would mean the Krakens would awaken…once that happened there was no way of going back. Dragons, Krakens and who knows what else had started to drain Robb Stark. The Iron Throne sat empty these days, he didn’t want it and when Stannis Baratheon had finally had a chance to cease it – he admitted that there were more important things to think about. Robb thought about Jon at the Wall with Daenerys and her dragons. What would his Father say now?

“I’ve left you a gift for your nameday, your grace.” Robb shook his head, he couldn’t remember the last time he had celebrated one but someone had found barrels of Dornish wine down below and Jaime Lannister, very much alive. Robb wondered who had kept him fed but after much debate, decided it was best to keep him alive for questioning. No doubt he would have some information on his sisters...if they were alive and far away from this damned place.
“You don’t have to call me that anymore. And I don’t recall presents being part of the celebration.”
“It was no trouble.” Robb looked over the small boy that had appointed himself as his squire. He didn’t need one but this one had somehow survived the battles and orphaned at the Red Keep. Robb peeked into his chamber and saw the dark haired girl lying atop the furs on his bed, he looked back at his squire and smiled.
“She’s from the riverlands,” Robb let the door slam behind him when he stepped into his chamber and started to remove his heavy furs. The room was warm from the fire that had been burning for sometime. He would have to remind his squire that wood was rationed and it was not necessary for him to keep an empty room warm. Then again, he didn’t know how long the girl had been waiting for him.
“Are you always so rude to your squire?”
“Only when he says more than he needs to. You’re from the North.” It wasn’t a question but a fact, her accent was familiar to him but not one he could easily place. Maybe he had known her long ago, she looked at him with her blue eyes that seemed to hold so many secrets. Robb looked her over wrapped in a sheer purple wrap, the edges were lined with gold and he wondered where this girl had come from. No doubt she was one of the few left behind from Littlefinger’s brothel. She was young and from the way she blushed when he touched her face, innocent. He had never known a whore to blush and it seemed like one of life’s last mysteries. Maybe it was something she had learned while in Littlefinger’s care.
“I’m not from here,” she smirked and he sensed that her accent changed.
“What is your name?”
“And your last name?”
“I don’t think that is important…your grace.” Robb didn’t like her tone, placing his hands on either side of her head, creating a cage around her with his arms when he kneeled over her.
“I’m not a King no more than you are a whore.” Her eyes seemed to search his face, he could smell something sweet about her and wondered if it was another trick she learned from the other whores. It had been so long since he had a woman under him and he felt his cock throbbing. This was insane, he thought to himself when he slowly leaned down and for the first time tasted her lips. Her breath was sweet and reminded him of a lost childhood when he ran among the Godswood with his brothers and sisters. His kiss grew deeper and his tongue tangled with her own, he couldn’t get close enough to her and the heat he felt from her body. Robb pulled away from her, she let out a cry of frustration but it only lasted for the time it took to pull off his clothing and boots. Alayne watched him closely, her eyes on the scars he had received in his many battles. He didn’t like her staring at him, especially the deep scar along his throat…Robb shoved his clothing onto the floor and turned his attention back to her. He removed the purple cover she wore and placed it at the head of the bed. He felt her hands wrap around him and slowly stroke him, her skill was impressive. Robb closed his eyes, his hips slowly thrusting into her hand and closer to the girls center. She was hot and moist, he opened his eyes to see her tear filled gaze. The freckles on her skin and the soft red root of her hair where the dark color did not take tugged at his memory. Robb was sinking deep inside her, she was tight against his cock and he felt he could spill at any moment. Her thighs gripped at his side, he cursed into the air then looked back down knowing that she couldn’t be a whore. She had been some forgotten Lord’s daughter. Whoever she was, he was marking her as his own in this bed and there was no way of going back now. He would have to punish his squire but then remembered that no one was proper these days. Courtesies and manners had been long forgotten, his sister Sansa would have had a hard time adjusting. Sansa. He felt ready to burst and leaned over her body, tasting her skin and suckling on her breast. Robb could feel her tightening all around him from her own release when he let go and rode the waves of ecstasy with her. Filling her with his seed, he continued to pump into her until he felt he had seen stars. Out of breath, he collapsed onto her body. Neither of them moved and fell asleep that way.

The morning was dark and cold. Robb had asked that Alayne accompany him to the Throne Room where he would meet with Stannis and the rest of the council. Jaime Lannister was also in attendance with what remained of the Kingsguard and other tribesmen.
“What’s Sansa doing here?” Robb looked around the room then back to Jaime, who despite being starved and left for dead in the dungeons, still had a sharp mind and still deadly with a sword.
“My sister is here? Where is she?” Jaime nodded to the dark haired beauty with blue eyes that had warmed his bed the night before standing along the fringes of the room.
“Right there, I brought her from the Eyrie and hid her in the old tower that your father occupied. We thought it was best that she kept her hair colored until the time was right. I told your squire to deliver her to your room…I take it that your reunion went well?” Robb nodded slowly, recalling the night’s events and wondered if he had ignored the signs. His sister, Sansa was the girl in his bed and he had bedded her. He nodded her way and she smiled at him, it seemed that his sister was also aware that they lived in different times.
“Yes, thank you for keeping her safe.” 

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Mar. 30th, 2009 | 07:44 am

So I hate to be that person to call someone out but what is with people adding me and then they dont have anything of value to say? Sure they have a total of 3 posts one of which is an ad?!? Why does said person think that we have things in common? I mean really - I hardly use lj anymore but it really is hilarious that every now and then someone thinks all my locked posts will somehow be revealed when I add them - sorry but the only people reading those juicy sordid details are friends that I've had forever...

Plus I just am not a fan of bad fan fiction - esp when the topic is work related...

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watch out chipmunk...watch out....

Aug. 3rd, 2008 | 06:38 pm

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An ideal husband...

Jul. 10th, 2008 | 09:10 am


"you've eliminated everyone!"

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if I lived somewhere else...

Jul. 4th, 2008 | 07:43 am

I couldn't enjoy His Greatness....


Happy 4th...and yes I'm aware we're light on posting this week...I swear I'll post more this weekend to make up for it...

ps&btw: This is Karl for those not in the know and Lady Bunny at the ACNE and Lanvin Blue Soiree

pps&btw: we need more soiree's in my life...

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it's another wicked season

May. 24th, 2008 | 10:33 am

What is going on with the weather? Pool parties - less sun, more gloom. I don't know about you guys - but I'm heading to Palm Springs in hopes of sun and heat. I doubt I'll get that there...

Until then - enjoy this video of Billy Corgan and Duran Duran doing The Chauffeur. I love this song, I remember being introduced to this way back in the summer of 2000. I remember I was in Phoenix and counting down the days to come back to California. This is when I was overweight and unhappy with life. I heard this song and thought - wow this is amazing. Anyway, enjoy it and yes I think the camera person was in love with John Taylor - just like me - because well I don't care what anyone says - it's John Taylor and he's fierce. Sorry Billy...

(for those viewing on tumblr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZgnEvhNle0)

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and we're back

May. 12th, 2008 | 08:21 pm
music: amy winehouse/mark ronson - valerie

So enjoy a video...because I'm liking this track...and again never fear...we totally are ok.


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I think my brain just melted or...

May. 11th, 2008 | 07:43 pm

I have to pinch myself to really realise that I'm awake and this isn't a dream.

But I think I'm the bigger person here to say congratulations.

Better you than me.

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You're a hot mess....

Mar. 13th, 2008 | 12:03 am


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